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Engine Parts
Engines & Short Blocks
Tools & Maintenance

LABOR is $36.00 per hour. ($48/hr for electrical)
Some prices are set:
Blade Sharpening is $7 per blade on or off the machineChain sharpening is $7 off or on the saw.
SPRING SERVICE is $30.00 plus parts.
This includes a thorough checkup for spring: Sharpen, change oil,
etc (if machine won't start, it's extra). Other repairs are extra.
REWIND REPAIR is $15 plus parts if rewind unit is brought in separate (no guarantee). $20 minimum plus parts if unit is on machine (includes guarantee).
TUNE UPs are $50.00 plus parts. In addition to Spring Service,
this includes carburetor work and valve grinding.
For other work, please e-mail us for an estimate. Give time since
machine last ran, brand, symptoms,and date last tuned-up if they apply.
There are exceptions to these numbers. Prices may change any time.

NOTE: Most services can only be done locally.
Refer to home page for address.
Carburetor rebuild and Rewind repair
may be feasible mail services.

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